Harley davidson led lights turn signals

New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. An Eagle Equalizer is the plug and play solution to correct hyper flash. Hyper flash is when the turn signals will start flashing faster than normal after a few seconds. It does not produce heat or put a load on the electrical system.

harley davidson led lights turn signals

Only one unit is needed for either 2 or all 4 turn signals. Can also be used with a combination of LED and incandescent turn signals. Harley Davidson models that the Eagle Equalizer fit are listed below. Add your year, make and model and we will include the correct Eagle Equalizer for your bike.

If your motorcycle is not listed in the Eagle Equalizer Fitment guide, you will need to use load resistors. Load Resistors are universal and can be used on all models to correct hyper flash. They are spliced into the wiring harness underneath the seat. We understand that when you place an order, you want your lights as quickly as possible and we will do our best to make that happen!

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2020 Low rider S Led turn signals with smoked lenses install

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Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Red LED bulb in Base. Qty in Cart: 0. Flat Style. Choose Options. Add to Cart. Chrome finish. Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Black finish.

Custom, sleek fender strut marker lights from Pro One. Red LED with a black housing. Red LED with a chrome housing. Amber LED with a black housing. Amber LED with a chrome housing. Compact Bullet style lights. Gloss Black finish. Allows you to remove your stock rear turn signals from Softail, Sportster and Dyna fender struts. Small, low-profile LED Turn signals for custom applications. Avaialble in a chrome finish with either amber or red LEDs.

Avaialble in a black finish with either amber or red LEDs. Handlebar-mount LED turn signals with clear lenses. Add some sleek, clean looking and bright turn signals to your Harley. Strut-mount LED turn signals with red lenses.

Continue the Mesh Theme with the addition of the Kuryakyn Mesh bezels. Adding your products to cart. View Cart Continue to Shopping.Not only are Harley LED lights more stylish than stock, but their advanced brightness and glow also give a huge boost to safety on the road. Radiantz carries a full line of tail lights, turn signals, accent lighting, license plate lights and more.

LED lights for Harley-Davidson motorcycles let you zoom beyond the ordinary. Every type of Harley LED lights from Radiantz's patented universal Z-flex strips to full Chameleonz starter kits to simple flat-style turn signal upgrades shines brighter, lasts longer and adds the look you want to your touring bike or cruiser.

Whether you want your motorcycle simply safer for riding day or night or totally tricked out with the latest LED Harley-Davidson lights' glow, we got you covered. With its passionate and loyal customer base, Harley Davidson motorcycles have become an American staple as the top name in heavyweight, cruiser choppers. Show off their style and growl with some Harley LED lights to highlight certain parts of your vehicle. Our Harley Davidson LED light kits give you the tools you need to accentuate the visibly striking parts of your chopper, such as the engine, under seats and body vents.

The Harley Davidson tail lights add an extra element of safety by increasing your visibility with other drivers on the road. From our custom Harley tail lights to our helpful light kits, our wide selection remains unmatched. If you have questions about our Harley Davidson LED lights or about any of our other products, reach out to us for answers. We are here to help! Small 1. UV Purple 1. Choose a sub category:.

Harley Davidson LED Lights

Touring models. License plate lights. Accent Lighting. All in one taillight turn signals.This is another cheap and easy way to make your ride more stylish. Upgrading your turn signals to LEDs is typically an easy install, and they look great! Brighter LED turn signals make it easier for other vehicles to see you and see your next move.

The LED turn signals are more noticeable and vibrant to other drivers, which is one of the several benefits of making this change. If you do NOT have a center rear tail light, you will need a kit with rears that function as turn signals, running light and brake light. If you have a rear center tail light, you will need the turn signal kit.

Adding brighter turn signals and running lights makes you more noticeable and makes it easier for you to see. The running light illuminates bright white in the shape of a halo ring that lights both the front and sides of the road. The turn signal lights up amber.

They function as running lights and turn signals. No modifications or wiring needed when installing. You want the people in front AND behind you to notice you. More light on the rear of your Harley will better alert drivers who are coming to a stop behind you.

The running light illuminates as a red halo ring. The entire unit lights up a brighter red for brake and turn signals. They function as running lights, turn signals and brake lights. We offer superior lights at a lower cost but high quality to our customers and win the good reputation from them all over the world. We will continue to make our valuable products with our customers in mind as we light the way into the future.

Together, we can make it better! Compatible with Harley Dyna, Street Glide, Fat Boy, Softail, Road King, Springer and other models with 2 inches standard new bullet style front turn signal lights and double contacts bulbs only, not for rear turn, not for aftermarket replacement housing.

Time to get these popular smoked covers to customize the blinkers and get rid of the old dull orange ones, the dark tinted caps add new features to the motorcycle in appearance and maintain clear visibility without weakening the halogen or LED light, smooth and transparent surface, hard and durable ABS plastic protect the blinker lights from minor impact effectively.

Package includes 2 covers and 2 LED light panels; easy to install, plug and play; manual included, read before installation.

For use with clear or smoked lenses. Your stock rear turn signals should function as running lights, brake lights and turn signals. For bikes WITH a brake light on the rear fender you will need the style signals. Earlier models may require a Load Equalizer to prevent fast flash and error codes. The 53mm-diameter inserts flash between white and amber. Each LED light shines bright white for running lights. When the turn signal is on, the lights flash between amber and white, maintaining visibility and safety.

The machined aluminum tabs are easy to install. Use with smoked or clear lenses. The honeycomb lens disperses the light in a circular pattern making you easily to see vehicles close by.

The horizon beam pattern makes you visible from 3 times farther away. Guaranteed to be radio static and buzz free. Installation takes minutes. Remove the 2 screws in the factory lens, remove the bulb and replace it with this one piece sealed unit. Highly noticeable from close range and visible from 3X farther away, these interference free, weatherproof LED turn signals will keep you safer. Whether you need front or rear turn signals, we have an option for you. Each unit is the brightest and safest possible LED turn signal for you bike.With the motorcycle industry following a general trend moving away from the use of incandescent bulbs, many Harley-Davidson riders are making the switch to LED Light Emitting Diode technology to illuminate their bike's taillight and turn signals.

Providing low-power efficiency, these solid state lights can last as long as 10, hours of continuous operation to make replacing burnt out bulbs a thing of the past.

Installation of an LED turn signal on your Sportster, Softail, or Touring motorcycle is fairly simple providing that you have a few small tools and an understanding of basic electrical wiring. Remove the plastic lens cover from the turn signal module by unscrewing the mounting bolts with a screwdriver.

Pull the lens cover off and away from the turn signal and set it aside. Locate the bolts that secure the inner turn signal assembly to the turn signal housing. Remove the bolts with a screwdriver and set them aside.

harley davidson led lights turn signals

Remove the light bulb and pull the inner assembly free from the housing. Connect the LED turn signal cluster to the factory turn signal wiring using electrical tap connectors. Place the first factory wiring lead into one channel of the connector and the first LED signal's wiring lead into the remaining channel. Close the top of the connector and lock into place.

Repeat on the second set of wire leads. Place the wiring into the turn signal housing and replace the inner assembly. Install the LED cluster over the inner housing and align the mounting holes on the cluster with the corresponding holes on the inner housing. Insert and tighten the mounting boltss with a screwdriver to secure the entire assembly to the housing.

Replace the lens covers and secure by tightening the mounting bolts with a screwdriver. Repeat on any remaining turn signals and test the LED turn signals for proper operation. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us.

Step 1 Remove the plastic lens cover from the turn signal module by unscrewing the mounting bolts with a screwdriver. Step 2 Locate the bolts that secure the inner turn signal assembly to the turn signal housing.

Step 3 Connect the LED turn signal cluster to the factory turn signal wiring using electrical tap connectors. Step 4 Place the wiring into the turn signal housing and replace the inner assembly. Step 5 Replace the lens covers and secure by tightening the mounting bolts with a screwdriver. Tips Familiarize yourself with the installation process by reading the manufacturer's installation instructions before beginning to determine if you are capable of completing the task.

If you are not confident that you can complete this task, have the turn signals installed by a qualified Harley-Davidson technician. Install a load equalizer to slow down the turn-signal flashing rate. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Available in a series of designs, aftermarket signals can be sleek for streetfighters, classic for cruisers, or even discreet for sportbikes.

Now, with the proliferation of LEDs, signals can be incredibly slim and incredibly bright. All with little draw on the electrical system. Inside each turn signal are bright LEDs that are further enhanced by the crystal clear lens. The body is billet aluminum with a waterproof seal. Shop for the Rizoma Club Turn Signal here. Formerly reserved only for high-end European automobiles, sequential LED turn signals have finally trickled down to motorcycles. If you like the idea of each diode coming on a fraction of a second after another, LighTech has you covered.

These signals will fit 8mm mounts and are sold in pairs. Once lit, the light can be seen from the front, rear and the sides. Using TranzLight-Technology, the transparent disc integrated into this bar end plug becomes the light itself. When the signal is switched off the bar end is a subtle and stylish finishing detail. As soon as the signal is turned on an extremely bright light will instantly gleam towards the front and rear of the bike. The housing is made from aluminum, while power consumption is rated at seven watts.

Talk about a clever and stylish approach to turn signals! The NRC Rage Turn Signals install directly onto your fork tubes without the need for adhesives, zip ties nor screws.

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They offer a very wide spread of light making you more visible to the traffic around you, thanks to bright 1mm LEDs. They can function as running lights or turn signals, and are available in multiple fork diameters.

The outer ring of 16 red ProBEAM LEDs showcase a smooth red halo that functions as the running light while 12 center red LEDs provide a full-contrast brake and turn signal light for maximum visibility.

harley davidson led lights turn signals

The Kuryakyn by Kellerman Bullet Collection redefines the classic bullet-style turn signal. A clean, streamlined housing combined with modern LED innovation produces a powerful package worthy of any motorcycle.

The metal housing ensures durability, and they can fit into M8 x 1. The signals are engineered and made in Germany and come with a three-year warranty.

These signals will surely enhance your visibility and can operate as running lights or turn signals depending on how you wire them. Sold as a pair. We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews.

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