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This tutorial will show you how to create and run the most simple Rails project in RubyMine. Download and install the Ruby distribution for your platform. Install Node. In the New Project dialog, select Application in the Rails group on the left pane and specify the following settings:. Rails Version : Select a Rails version. In the invoked dialog, select the required Rails version and click Install. RubyMine will create a new Rails application and installs the gem dependencies mentioned in Gemfile.

You can see this process in the Run tool window. On the right, RubyMine automatically opens main project files in the editor. Now we have a functional Rails application already. To see it in action, you need to start a web server.

Perform the following steps to do this:. Press Ctrl twice and start typing development. Select the Development run configuration from the list and press Enter. RubyMine will show the process of preparing the application to run. Copy the 0. To do this, you need to create a controller and a view. Press Ctrl twice and start typing controller. In the invoked list, select rails g controller and press Enter. In the invoked Add New Controller dialog, set the controller name to Welcome and add one action called index.

Click OK. RubyMine will create a controller, view, and several other files. This process will be displayed in the Run tool window.Spring is a Rails application preloader that speeds up development by keeping your application running in the background. To learn how to enable Spring for running tests, see Use Spring for running tests. To do this, you can use the following workflow:. Right-click the test directory in the project view and select Run 'All tests in test Then, set the Use pre-load server option to Spring.

Click OK. RubyMine allows you to debug Rails applications with Spring. This may require updating a system or project Spring configuration file to load the debugger into every process forked by Spring.

When you start debugging, RubyMine might show you the dialog with the following choices:. Start typing Spring and disable the Spring pre-loader option.

RailsConf 2016 - Power up Your Development with RubyMine by Tatiana Vasilyeva

For example, if you encounter some issues with Spring on macOS and need to stop it, run the following command:. To do this, you can use the following workflow: Right-click the test directory in the project view and select Run 'All tests in test Do not change, disable Spring Click to disable Spring for debugging an application.

Disable Spring If required, you can disable Spring for a current project.

rubymine rails

Rails console Stop and pause applications.This tutorial should help people, who are new to Rails, to configure their environment before starting to develop a RoR application with RubyMine on Windows. It doesn't depend on Windows and RubyMine versions.

All Ruby installers are available here. To be able to install Rails you have to install and configure DevKit.

rubymine rails

Please follow these instructions. Pay attention to the fact that DevKit version should correspond with Ruby.

rubymine rails

You could find this information here. Hint : to check yourself try to install any gem, which needs to build native extensions e. This method allows you to use any Ruby regardless of whether it's supported or not on Windows, you even don't need to care about Devkit version. RubyMine provides you with an ability to init Vagrant in your project and run Vagrant hosts via RubyMine. There are no Ruby version managers at the moment, which we can recommend.

However, this manager is no longer maintained. RubyMine provides an ability to install Rails while creating a new application. Use Install Rails gem option:. Hint : RubyMine doesn't allow to use remote Rubies while a new project is being created.

It's possible to configure remote Ruby SDK only for existing projects. This way doesn't have any limitations. Then run 'gem install 'rails''. Put Rails gem into the Gemfile of already existing application and run 'bundle install' in the folder of the project. Hint : it's possible to use all Bundler's options within IDE. See help. Note : we recommend to use Bundlerbecause in case of projects with a lot of gems it is much better: it provides an ability to keep several gem's versions and use only bundled to the project.

Moreover, Bundler resolves by itself all gem dependencies while installing new gems. See help topic. In the root of the project you could see an additional folder '. You can find all the basic commands here. Projects created in the command line can be opened in RubyMine using 'Open' option on the Welcome screen or 'File Open It will create. Install Ruby 1. Rails Installers 4. Ruby version manager on Windows 2. Install Rails 1. In RubyMine 2.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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To run a Rails server from the reference Ruby Mine Doc. Learn more. Asked 2 years, 6 months ago. Active 2 years, 6 months ago. Viewed times. Which file should I run in IDE to start the server and see the web app in action? Active Oldest Votes. To do that, choose Edit configurations In this dialog box, modify the desired settings. You can select a different server from the list of supported servers. Sumit Munot Sumit Munot 3, 1 1 gold badge 24 24 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges.

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Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog.RubyMine This new build adds some finishing touches in preparation for the release. To catch up on what has already been implemented in v This build mostly polishes the new features for the upcoming v This is a place where you can add, edit, store, and delete SSH configurations.

Note that the EAP builds are free to use but expire within 30 days of the build date. Find usages can be used to find all the pieces of code referencing a specific element, such as a class, method, symbol, or many of the others.

RubyMine can also find dynamic usages, including Rails associations, factories, or delegates. You have the ability to specify the scope and search through an open file, project, referenced libraries, and so on.

Find usages is very helpful for investigating a project and refactoring your code. For example, the Rename refactoring requires high accuracy when finding usages for a target element, so that you can trust the IDE when making such changes. As you may already know, RubyMine provides a unified way to run Ruby scripts, Rails applications, Rake tasks, Rails generators, and so on with the powerful Run Anything double Ctrl.

At the same time, you can run Rails generators and Rake tasks using dedicated popups. Starting with v As you can see in the image below, you can reload and run Rake tasks.

Skip to content. Posted on January 27, by Andrey Aksenov. Posted in Announcement Tagged Show usages in the editor Show usages in the Find tool window Usages classification Find usages on associations and scopes Find usages improvements in v Hi there! Tweets by RubyMine. JetBrains JetBrains Team. Search for:. RubyMine Blog. Proudly powered by WordPress.Run the Rails server for the first time without a run configuration.

Run the Rails server with a run configuration. Configure additional parameters for running the Rails server. To run the Rails server for the first time without any configuring, do the following:.

Press Ctrl twice. Type the rails server command in the invoked popup and press Enter. Wait until RubyMine starts the Rails server. The Run tool window shows the application's output. You can customize settings of this configuration, for example, a server type, IP address and port, environment, and so on. Then, you can save the customized configuration to quickly run this configuration in the future. Press Ctrl twice to invoke the Run Anything popup. Start typing the required configuration name, select it from the list, and press Enter.

When you run the Rails server for the first timeRubyMine automatically creates a corresponding Rails temporary configurationwhich can be saved. Select Run Edit Configurations from the main menu. For example, you can specify the following settings in the Configuration tab:. Specifies a web server for running an application. You might need to install a corresponding gem to the project SDK for example, the passenger gem for the Passenger server.

Specify the IP address where the Rails server will be accessible. Type optional server arguments. You can run the rails server --help command in the terminal emulator to learn more about available arguments. This option is only enabled for the Rails mountable engine projects. Specify here the absolute path to the dummy directory. This path is required to run the engine. Enables opening an application automatically in a default browser.

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Enable this option to start the JavaScript debugger. Note that JavaScript debugging is available for Firefox and Chrome. Specify the list of environment variables as the name-value pairs, separated with semi-colons. Alternatively, click the ellipsis button to create variables and specify their values in the Environment Variables dialog.One of the main advantages of IDEs over text editors is the debugging experience.

Rails/Spring support in RubyMine

These include performance optimizations, Smart Step Intoblock breakpointsand others. The RubyMine debugger provides various ways to examine the state of a running application: you can step through your code and check variable values, set watches on variables to see when values change, and so on.

All of these features are applied to Ruby projects and Rails applications. You can debug everything from. This will be a script for solving a quadratic equation without additional checks for example, whether or not the discriminant is equal to or less than 0 :.

In this script, the x1 and x2 equation roots are determined by calling the solve method. This method accepts equation coefficients and a sign so you can determine both roots.

To do this, click the left gutter next to this line. We are ready to start debugging. After starting the debugging session, RubyMine stops execution on the 10th line. The editor displays the current variable values on the right. Note that x1 is not evaluated because the solve method is not called yet. Step over will proceed to take us to the next line in the current scope for example, it will take us to the next linewithout going into any method calls on the way. In our case, the IDE then steps over the solve method and goes to the 11th line — to the calculation of the second root.

Clicking F8 another time takes us to the puts method call and skips going into the solve method. Another way of stepping through the code is to use step into which causes the debugger to go into the method calls or blocks on the current line and follow them through. If there are multiple method calls or blocks, you can choose the desired target by using the new smart step into functionality. Go to Smart step into, block breakpoints and more to learn more.

To step into the method, click the button on the toolbar or press F7. In our example, the debugger steps into the solve method and stops at the first method line. Press F7 several times to walk through each line of the solve method until you return back to the second method call line One more useful stepping feature is Run to cursor.

It allows you to stop the code executing at the caret position without adding another breakpoint. The debugger will jump right to this line. If you no longer want to debug a method e. The debugger will execute the remaining lines of the method and set the execution pointer at the statement following the method call. In this case, the script will be executed until the next breakpoint is hit. When a program reaches a breakpoint and stops, you can investigate the state of the application and the values of variables in different places.


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