Shadow fight 2 titan

Titan's bodyguards were warriors who came from another worlds, a parallel universe. They shared similar traits with Shadow and like him, were able to survive the powerful emission of shadow energy and pass through the Gates alive.

However, unlike him, they did not have a strong enough will power to control it and ended up getting corrupted by the energy and becoming enslaved to Titan. Titan pits them against Shadow to show him what he could become if he allows shadow energy to possess him. Like Shadow, they gained the ability to walk between the worlds after they survived from the Gates. Assassin is the first bodyguard of Titan.

He says that the title of the most famous assassin belongs to Shadow as killing is his primary skill. He asks why Shadow then wastes his time with the "common rabble". He also tells Shadow that he took over The Order in one of the worlds - a reference to Lynx's Assassin Order - and now he is the one who decides who lives and who dies. Master is the second bodyguard of Titan. Master sees himself as the greatest teacher who has no match.

Instead of imparting knowledge, he uses duels with his disciples as a means to reassert his superiority. Upon defeat, he gloats about how his school will ensure that his name is remembered forever while Shadow is simply forgotten. Guru is the third bodyguard of Titan. Arrogant, he asks Shadow why the latter does not fear him.

He says that if Shadow was a little "braver", he could have amassed as many worshippers as Guru. He also boasts that Butcher 's children see him as their "messiah". After his defeat, he asks Shadow to reconsider his decision of fighting Titan, saying they could become the leaders of a legion of faithful together.

Corsair is the fourth bodyguard of Titan. He says that by answering the call of the ocean, he has become extremely powerful, free to impose his own rules. He has taken over Wasp 's fleet and become the new Pirate King. Upon defeat, he says that now, to atone for his mistakes, he will have to murder innocents.

shadow fight 2 titan

Emperor is the fifth bodyguard of Titan. He claims that Shogun 's empire was his by rights and that he claimed it after the former was defeated. He says that Shadow was weak and represented the "quintessential" of all the things he hated about commoners.

Upon defeat, he conceitedly claims that his followers would flay Shadow alive should he dare sets foot in his kingdom. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.Everyone knows the popularity of this game. If you do not know then you will think that you live in old age.

Shadow fight 2 mod apk is undoubtedly one of the best Android animation games. When the game was released init was soon to gain popularity for everyone.

It creates a critique storm among all players. And in a very short time, this game has gained a lot of love. People who once played this game first played this game every day. A few years ago, when the play antagonists stay one of the most potential mechanisms on cellular devices has grown to be the Shadow Fight into one of the most famous names. At the time, these units had been now not upgraded in the present-day era, and all things to do have been delayed if the sport had pics too high.

Nekki has created a technique that is to play characters designed with solely their shadow. This minimizes the pics however maximizes the smoothness of motion. Everything is targeted at the essential phase of a combat game, which is the mixture of moves and assaults against each other. You can play this game if you want. So you have the opportunity to download the game from various websites besides the Google Play Store. When you first start playing this game you will have no points.

If you want to raise points you must play this game from the beginning. In this game, you can equip your character with countless lethal weapons. And would be much better suited to wound his enemy. Not only that, you can present martial arts techniques. That will help you get to the second step very quickly. You will find many enemies while playing the game. It has always been brave to crush the enemies, dishonor the demon bosses.

Shadow Fight 2 OST - TITAN - Extended +Download

In doing so, they will continue to do something. You can also kick and bribe and jump. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. February 13, June 22, rayadmin 0 Comments shadow fight 2 mod apk. Contents 1 Why popular Shadow fight 2 mod apk: 2 Unique mobile game: 3 Nature of the shadow fight mod apk: 4 Structure of the shadow fight 2 mod: 5 Sound Quality : 6 Graphics Quality of Shadow fight 2: 7 Life Indicator of the game: 8 How to Fight with the enemy:.

When you are about to embark on an epic war, you must prepare specifically for it. Which is very similar to a real-life war. Usually, when we play games we expect everyone to get unlimited money and bonus points.

You can read a good review of this game from here. Since the release of the shadow fight gamethe day has passed with great success in the market. Generally, animation games provide good performance on mobile. If that mobile is in a good configuration.Titan is the main antagonist of Shadow Fight 2. He is the conqueror of worlds and the final boss of the game. He makes his initial appearance in the game intro and he appears in the map after the Gates of Shadows are closed.

Titan resides in the Shadow World. The Gates of Shadows, along with the Shadow Energy, belong to him. Titan appears as a very tall, bald man in heavy, gold-trimmed black metal armor with electrical cables built into his body.

He wields a giant sword named ' Titan's Desolator '. In the intro and cutscenes, his armor is completely gray instead. In the introduction, Titan is seen wielding a massive sword - but in his avatar, his sword is not visible. This is unusual for demon bosses, as they are usually depicted wielding their weapon of choice. Instead, Titan is seen holding a mysterious, blinding orb named the 'Eternal's Sphere'. Titan has conquered many worlds before he found the Shadow World. His method is invading a world using an army of mind-controlled creatures from the previously conquered world.

He then put the defeated inhabitants of that world under his mind control, turning these inhabitants into his army that will conquer the next world for him.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk [Unlimited Everything] and Max Level

When he arrived at the Shadow World, Titan faced an obstacle; the natural inhabitants known as Ancient race with a mind and will strong enough to resist his control.

Unable to neither bend their mind nor making an army out of them, Titan destroyed the whole race instead. However, one of them survived and managed to stay hidden from Titan. Titan seeks out to enslave the human world next and he created the Gates of Shadows as a portal to human world. However, the destruction of Ancient race caused him to lack the army to invade the human world. In order to accumulate enough force to conquer the human world, Titan subjugated 6 of the strongest warriors of the human world, pulled and trapped them into the Gates and turned them into demons who will act as his puppets in enslaving the human world.

Titan himself could not get out of the Gates. To overcome this, he needs a person with a will strong enough to retain their mind and not enslaved by the power of shadow energy. Said person will then gain the ability to walk between worlds and Titan will take that power for himself.

After many experiments, one warrior finally managed to not only survive the most powerful emission of shadow energy from the Gates, but still retained his mind and will: Shadow. Following his intuition, Shadow walks straight into Titan's trap. When he closes the Gates using the demon sealsTitan pulls May into the Gates using some kind of force field right before the Gates are closed.

The force field allowed May to pass through without losing her body, as Titan needs her alive for his plan to continue. Titan then puts May under his mind control, turning her into his servant under the name "Justice". Just as planned by Titan, Shadow follows the call of his heart to rescue May and he goes through all the troubles to re-open the Gates. Due to the protection of shadow energy, Shadow made it alive through the Gates and he arrives at the Shadow World.

Titan then orders Shroudone of his best fighters, to take Shadow to him. However, he fails because Kali interferes with the Energy Ball magic and Shadow escaped. After Shroud's failure, Titan orders Justice to retrieve Shadow this time. She fails as well after Cypher locked her in the Hideout.He is the last surviving member of his species - a race of powerful beings who possessed an extremely strong willpower. Before Titan made his mark on the Shadow World, the land was inhabited by Ancient's race among several others.

When Titan arrived, he used his powers to change the will of all the creatures in the land in order to enslave them. However, he could not change the will of the ancient creatures, for they were too powerful. Consequently, Titan ordered their extermination. Only one of the Ancients managed to survive and he went into hiding. Cypher built Cronosan advanced humanoid robot, several years back to track down the Ancient in a bid to defeat Titan.

shadow fight 2 titan

Cronos found him but the Ancient, preferring to remain hidden, changed the will of Cronos effectively putting him out of Cypher's control. Ancient wields the Composite Sword as his weapon. After Sensei defeats Prince and stops him from wrecking havoc, Ancient appears before Sensei. He had stopped the flow of time and came here to take the magical Sphere back where it belongs, as its presence here was caused by the instability of the Gates of Shadows. For now, he tells Sensei to sleep and when he wakes up, no one will remember his feat.

Therefore, Sensei will not be recognized for his deeds. Kali introduces Shadow as the Champion who has come to defeat Titan, but the Ancient does not believe that Shadow is capable of it. He recalls meeting all the warriors who had sought to defeat Titan before. They had all been confident and strong. But later, when Ancient saw them again, they had all become Titan's mindless soldiers, destroying the very homelands they had sought to protect.

Ancient summons the ghosts of the warriors who fell to Titan as a test to find the extent of Shadow's capabilities. Shadow defeats all the ghosts and Ancient admits that Shadow is indeed a very powerful and skilled warrior. He then still asks Shadow not to fight Titan, and disguises him as one of Titan's soldiers to help him escape notice. Kali wonders if Ancient really believes that Shadow will stop in his quest. Ancient admits that his need to stop Shadow is much greater now, because Titan must not be allowed control over a warrior as formidable as Shadow.

He challenges Shadow to a fight but is defeated.

Titan's Desolator

He then admits that Shadow is indeed even stronger than Shroud, as Shroud could not manage to defeat the Ancient. Kali and Shadow are surprised to learn that Ancient had taught Shroud. Ancient further reveals that he had believed Shroud could defeat Titan but instead Titan made a slave out of him. Ancient appears to save Shadow, if he loses to Titan. He stops the flow of time so that Shadow can escape and have another chance at defeating Titan. It is later told that Ancient has finally left the Stone Grove to fight his own wars.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I have nothing for thee. Storyline Sensei's Story Part 6. Chapter 3 Ancient appears to save Shadow, if he loses to Titan. Powers and Abilities Ancient can change appearances, both of himself and others. He disguised himself as Shroud and later disguises Shadow as one of Titan's soldiers. Ancient can summon the spirit of warriors from his memory. He remembers the way they fought and conjures them from his memory to challenge Shadow in the Stone Grove.

Ancient can stop and reverse the flow of time, as he does in Sensei's story and if the player is defeated by Titan. I've been waiting for you, Shadow.Download this epic battle game for free and start playing and winning the fight battles instantly after learning the simple to understand and easy to master simple game-play action combat controls.

Game is best in its particular fighting action category with a unique idea and awesome graphics combine with excellent combat game-play. As the name describes you will see shadows and only darks battling with each other but the game graphics and fully focused pixels to form great visuals all with excellent fluidity, Animations of this game are great in any fighting game available to download for free and playable on any smartphone in any ecosystem Android or Ios.

After playing this game for two to three times you will master the combat fighting game-play controls and will start enjoying immersive fighting action game-play. This game follows the traditional way of the fighting game i. This game overall performance is excellent, I can definitely recommend this game to anyone who is willing to play an epic action battle combat game but it can be improved at some points as well such as multi-touch screen support should be better in my opinion move stick and on-screen touch buttons can perform better if they are well optimized to perform more efficiently during battles.

There will be no malware installed in the background on your device or any extra app permissions are required it will work same as OEM app available on Play store and if you have more doubts about this application then do contact us, we will try our best to answer you as quick as possible. We all love those games which have great graphics combine with awesome sounds backed by great visuals or high resolutions but not all games with such features are fun to play some big companies hire hardworking developers to develop a game with such great features but they failed to deliver a great title unlike Shadow Fight franchise as we have seen many awesome titles coming one after one all with awesome unique features or we can say all have some bonus features as well.

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shadow fight 2 titan

WordPress Di Business Theme. Why TiTan? Have any Question or Comment? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Developed by AliMazhar.Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk. Have You Heard about the shadow fight Game? This is an action-based game developed for the android and IOS devices.

The popularity of this game has risen over day by day. The game has Launched in the android market. Since The game has gained love from gamers. There is no need to root your android device. Here, we will provide you the best mod apk. You will be able to upgrade your Immersive sword warrior to the max. You are able to upgrade your weapons instantly. Today the game has over millions of downloads from the Google Play Store. The aim Of the character is to go to several places.

By winning every match Makes Him anger. The world full of dark shadows and black magic. And further, he realizes that these dark shadows and black powerful magic would the world. Regular Updates: You will get regular updates for the mod apk in your battle log section. The Titan Is one of the greatest enemy in the game.

The shadow Has been practicing in the whole journey to defeat the titan in the game. Because the suite makes him so heavy and powerful. Here You will get it free and put the titan suite. The specialty of the special edition.

The coins will help you to upgrade many types of equipment. Everyone wants to max out the level directly. As the Same way the level 99 can be accessed directly. The game has the potential to gain popularity from gamers. Because for me when I are willing to use the app.

Yes, You can Play shadow fight 2 without the internet.Bodyguards are fighters who protect the demon bosses. All demons have five bodyguards. Before one can actually battle the demon, they have to beat their five bodyguards. Bodyguards have their own speaking roles except Shin. Lynx is the leader of assassins group known as " The Order ", all of his bodyguards are members of The Order. Upon building his school, Hermit held a competition to find the one he deems worthy to be taught with his secret power.

There are five fighters who compete in his competition, who act as Hermit's bodyguards. They actually do not respect Hermit, their goal is to use his secret power for their own benefit. Butcher rules a bandit gang. His bodyguards are members of his gang, whom he had raised ever since they were children to become criminals.

The first three of Wasp 's "bodyguards" are the members of New Blooda group consisting of crew members who had rebelled against her. The last two bodyguards are the older crew members who still serve her. Widow 's "bodyguards" are mainly composed of men who have been charmed. The only exception is Puma, a woman who serves Widow to help her achieve her ambitions. Most bodyguards attack Shadow in an attempt to eliminate the competition, because they are mistaken in the belief that Shadow desires Widow as they do; He merely wants to obtain her Demon Sealand has no interest in her whatsoever.

After being defeated by Shadow, they are released from Widow's spell. Shogun is a military warlord, all of his bodyguards are officers from his army. General has five mercenaries which have to be defeated before General can be fought. In those dimensions, they were not strong enough to resist the pull of Shadow Energy and ended up getting corrupted by it.

After defeating the Demons, instead of moving on to the next province, they ended up staying and taking over their syndicate. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. More in. Categories :. Shin - Bodyguard armed with Kunai. Brick - Bodyguard armed with Steel Batons. Needle - Bodyguard armed with Sais.

Ghost - Bodyguard armed with a Ninja Sword. Dandy - Bodyguard armed with Swords. Spark - Bodyguard armed with Triangle Knives. Cleric - Bodyguard armed with Knuckles. Dragon - Bodyguard armed with a Staff.

shadow fight 2 titan

Buffalo - Bodyguard armed with Crescent Knives. Mantis - Bodyguard armed with Oriental Sabers.


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